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How Eating Potato Soup Can Heal You

Image(16)This past weekend my best friend & soul sister were able to celebrate her birthday early on a beautiful fine Sunday 🙂

We created a list of foods we wanted to make and enjoy while still accommodating the oil free lifestyle-train, which she has recently joined!

So, with the June gloom weather, we became inspired to make potato soup! Continue reading “How Eating Potato Soup Can Heal You”


Indulge In Comfort Food: Guilt Free Garlic Fries!

photoOkay, I’ve reached another obsession!

Recently I’ve been recreating comfort foods into recipes that are completely guilt free.

We’ve been trained to look at french fries as a junk food, which is in fact true when they’re drenched in hydrogenated & rancid oils that have been exposed to high heat. There’s a way that you can enjoy this comfort food completely guilt free!

You may be asking yourself, “Why are french fries okay to eat when you advocate raw foods?”

Yes, I do advocate raw foods, and also advocate balance in your diet. For most people, eating 100% raw is not realistic when they have a busy lifestyle or have a family to feed. So, if you can incorporate anywhere from 50% – 80% of raw food with each meal, you’re already ahead of the game! These yummy oil free fries are a part of your meal that is not raw, obviously.

Eating healthy must be fun, and must ignite the “comfort food factor.” These babies definitely hit that trigger! Continue reading “Indulge In Comfort Food: Guilt Free Garlic Fries!”