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Freeing The Radicals | Antioxidant Trail Mix

If you’re a lover of trail mix, this’ll be one that you’ll want to incorporate in your life! Deliciously savory, crunchy, & subtly sweet to perfection! The best part? You don’t need much of it to nourish the body to satisfy your craving for a savory and sweet snack. Also, a perfect handful is an excellent pre-workout snack! Are you ready to slow down your aging process through food?


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Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.

As I have become more aware of the foods I eat, and the preparation involved to eat & live well, I cringe at the thought of what I used to consider food! I am thankful that I was privileged enough to live with a roof over my head, a fab mamma to take care of me, and a beautiful family to fill me with love!

Remember the days of eating Jiffy peanut butter with mom’s PB&J? Or if you were like me, eating Jiffy by the tablespoons in consecutive sequence! I adopted this “great” habit from my sweet grandma, Lila. To this day, she still does this!

There are so many of us that LOVE to eat all different types of nut butters, or anything that has to do with nuts. “Fancy” nuts, cajun, garlic, even in their simplest form, peanuts in the shell!

Gratefully enough, I’ve come to realize that nuts are actually detrimental to your health, impairing digestion!

Nuts are filled with what are called, Mycotoxins.

You may be telling yourself, “Ooohhh, tell me more about these so called mycotoxins!”

Well, this is exactly why I’m here!

So, what are mycotoxins? 

Mycotoxins are literally toxins produced from fungi that have grown on crops, tree nuts, and can be found in other environmental surroundings, like the air we breathe. Continue reading “Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.”