Oil Free & Dining Out? | The Do’s & Don’ts

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One of the greatest challenges I face (and my clients) while living an oil free lifestyle is the social aspect of food. It’s a large part of social living here in the United States, and everywhere else, really.

Maintaining an oil free diet while dining out is not the easiest activity, especially if you don’t know how to do it, or what questions to ask! Continue reading “Oil Free & Dining Out? | The Do’s & Don’ts”


How I traveled and maintained my lifestyle

This past weekend I traveled back to Oahu for a total of three and a half days to see one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams. Knowing that I have a structured food lifestyle, I knew that I’d be put to the test to maintain high quality foods that still honored my raw fermented food lifestyle. Maintaining my healthy lifestyle is my number one priority… I’ve written a previous post on how to travel healthy, so I thought I’d share my own traveling experience with you! Continue reading “How I traveled and maintained my lifestyle”

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7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Day, Week, Month, Year, & LIFE

Do you consider yourself healthy?

Most people are nutritionally deprived from minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, & even chronically dehydrated. Most are functioning in a state of excessive stress, exhausting their nutritional reserves, not sleeping, not recovering, or rejuvenating. Many have no idea that there are simple ways to rejuvenate the body & feel abundant with energy! With a diet that is low in whole foods, or a body that is chronically running itself down, how do we expect our bodies to function when they have no fuel to operate?

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If you live a busy lifestyle, the thought of changing your routine in itself can be severely overwhelming! So, let me break it down in 6 easy steps!  Continue reading “7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Day, Week, Month, Year, & LIFE”