How You Can Get To Crackin | Raw Savory Cracker

Happy snacking 🙂

I love to have crunch in my salads, along with having a healthy snack ready and available for the adventure. No matter if its on its own, ready for dipping, or crumbled on a salad!

If you love the aroma of fresh herbs, then this will be a great crunchy treat for you!

This cracker loaded in protein, fiber, healthy fats, and powerful herbs that support the immune system!phonto

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Living Ketchup! How & Why You Should Make and Eat Your Own Fermented Ketchup


I love ketchup.

I used to eat not so great food back in the day like french fries, hot dogs, tater tots, & fish sticks

The unfortunate fact about these foods is that they offer no nutritional value.  I’m not here to preach to you about fish sticks and tater tots, though.

However, I am here to talk ketchup!

Unfortunate fact about ketchup? Most often, ketchup is made with rotten tomatoes, using preservatives to coverup any rotten flavor. Yes.

The food industry actually uses food colorings and preservatives to cover up the fact that the minimal amount of real tomato they’re using are rotten. Continue reading

Welcome Mac n’ Cheese Back Into Your Life

This is a “To Live For” recipe that has been worked on for over a year by my mentors! I’ve been raving about it to all of my clients. I haven’t come across one person yet that does not LOVE it!

Of course, there’s not a moment that goes by where I do not make what my mentors create.

So, I present to you the greatest way to eat rice! Fermented.

Eating rice in its fermented form with the addition of fresh ground, un-oxidized turmeric enhances the bio-availability (the amount of nutrition your body can absorb) of the rice, while ushering in probiotics (good bacteria) to support gut health!

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For the Love of Ferments!

Fermenting just became even easier! If you love to ferment your vegetables, or your FOB (fresh off the boat)  to fermenting, let me share the key to your successful ferment!

In my fermenting experience, I have never used salt with any of my recipes. Like I mentioned before, I follow my mentors Dr. Marshall & Dr. Forbes to a “T.” There are only two main ingredients needed to make the most outstanding vegetable ferment! Continue reading