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Why You Should Be Salivating Over Seeds

When living a highly active and on the go lifestyle, there’s always a need for a snack. Even if you’re not the active type, you’ll still have these moments, I’m sure of it!

There’s a great difference in purchasing nuts and seeds from your local health food store compared to making them at home.

This may be new information for many, or you may already be, “In the know.”

Why should you be making your own seeds from home versus shoving your mouth with ready to go bulk seeds that are pre-packed and ready to eat?Lots-of-Nuts-and-Seeds Continue reading “Why You Should Be Salivating Over Seeds”

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Super Seed Pudding

It took me years to really dive into the whole chia seed trend due to conflicting research I continued to come across regarding the fun gel coat that makes chia seeds so delicious! This fun superfood can be eaten in various recipes, completely raw, or soaked, providing the body with loads of nutritional energy!

So far, my favorite way to eat these little yummies are in pudding form, soaked in fresh oat milk! Perfect for those that are sensitive to dairy, and are looking for a fibrous, protein packed plant based snack. Or, even meal!

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Foods For Thought & Travel…

I had anotherpost in mind for this week, but this one felt more fitting since Mother’s Day was last Sunday.

Last Saturday after work, I knew I’d be traveling home to South Orange County where my mom lives. Its about an hour and a half away from Venice.newsletter-healthy-travel-tips

Knowing that I would be leaving my little humble abode with all of my personally prepared foods and quality drinking water, I knew I’d be bringing some of my preferred foods to prepare. Not only for myself, but for my sweet mamma too!

So, I left work 3 hours early (yes, I lovingly work on Saturdays…) to prepare  for my drive down south. Packed up my car up with bags of fresh produce from my local co-op, my bird, and great jamz to accompany the awesome road trip. Not to mention my moms mothers day gifts! One of them being a new dehydrator, with bags of brazil nuts and apricots. These were for her first raw food & dehydrating experiment!

I’d only be gone for 24 hrs, but knew that I’d be making my kind of foods to showcase to my mom. You have to make something great in order for someone to want to break away from a more conventional diet. This was my goal. Continue reading “Foods For Thought & Travel…”