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How You Can Get To Crackin | Raw Savory Cracker

Happy snacking 🙂

I love to have crunch in my salads, along with having a healthy snack ready and available for the adventure. No matter if its on its own, ready for dipping, or crumbled on a salad!

If you love the aroma of fresh herbs, then this will be a great crunchy treat for you!

This cracker loaded in protein, fiber, healthy fats, and powerful herbs that support the immune system!phonto

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The P4: Plant Protein Packed Pancake!


About a year ago I created a vegan and oil free pancake that my clients, partner, and self fell in love with!

They were fluffy, dense, and slightly sweet!

When I get in the flow of creating new experiments, I tend to not really document how much I’m using of what, and just go by memory. Well, sometimes that just doesn’t workout… Especially when trying to recreate it!

Fast forward to today, I am so excited to present an improved version of these vegan oil free pancakes! I was inspired by my friend since we always seem to be craving pancakes, but both live an oil free lifestyle.

My daily life moves very quickly, so having snacks available is a must! Who says that pancakes are only eaten at home or out to breakfast? Continue reading “The P4: Plant Protein Packed Pancake!”

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Move Over Power Bar: The Ultimate Power Cracker

The birth of this recipe began with making oat milk. I originally began making my oat milk & throwing away the pulp from blending the oats. After a week of consistently making this creamy milk alternative, I felt like I should create another fun recipe instead of wasting valuable body fuel! So, as I was about to toss the last the last of the wasted oat pulp, the idea of crackers emerged 🙂

Since the initial experiment, several cracker variations have been made 🙂

They’re a perfect snack to munch on throughout the day that can fuel the body with plant based protein, healthy fats, fiber, a low glycemic index, and an excellent snack that’s completely guilt free  🙂 Continue reading “Move Over Power Bar: The Ultimate Power Cracker”

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Oat Milking: How To Milk Your Oats

Oat milk is one of the easiest and most economic milk alternatives to make at home 🙂 There’s various ways to make oat milk, and many ways to use it as well!

The greatest benefit of making your own oat milk is knowing exactly what’s in it. There’s no question or curiosity of potential preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors when you make your own “milk” at home.  Continue reading “Oat Milking: How To Milk Your Oats”

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Super Seed Pudding

It took me years to really dive into the whole chia seed trend due to conflicting research I continued to come across regarding the fun gel coat that makes chia seeds so delicious! This fun superfood can be eaten in various recipes, completely raw, or soaked, providing the body with loads of nutritional energy!

So far, my favorite way to eat these little yummies are in pudding form, soaked in fresh oat milk! Perfect for those that are sensitive to dairy, and are looking for a fibrous, protein packed plant based snack. Or, even meal!

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Oil-free Garlic Dill Hummus!

Another new condiment to add to the list! I didn’t expect this whole eating oil free lifestyle to create a love for condiments…

I used to enjoy hummus somewhat periodically back in college. I never ate it on a regular basis, but definitely enjoyed it from time to time…For most, it seems to be a great healthy alternative for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

The unfortunate fact about hummus that’s store bought: Most is loaded with refined oil and often preservatives…

Refined oil sedates the gallbladder, creates a sludgy “tar”  throughout the tissues in the body, and creates a state of chronic inflammation that most don’t even notice.

At this point, its finding alternative ways to still enjoy the foods of comfort & satisfy the soul.

In reality, I’m not a large eater, much more of a snacker. Having a jar of hummus with veggies near the water sounds like a great plan for this upcoming summer season 🙂 !
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Splendid Split Pea Soup

I remember someone referred to me as an old lady because I loved the taste and texture of split pea soup! I don’t remember who it was exactly, but I’ll take the time to thank them for the great inspiration to recreate my very own!

I hope you find yourself to enjoy it just as much as I do!

Its a great option no matter if you’re on a Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, or a Keto diet. Modification with an animal protein option would go wonderful with this as well 🙂

Split peas offer great amounts of protein, B vitamins, magnesium, Vitamin A, fiber, & other trace minerals to support the body nutritionally!

One of the main reasons I love this soup is due to its texture. This recipe requires no oil, yet seems fatty in taste. So, it satisfies that need and taste for fat! Split peas have a low caloric value, while offering optimal nutrition for sustaining energy! Continue reading “Splendid Split Pea Soup”