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NEWtrition & You

The start of the new year is amongst us, by just a couple of days! Now, there’s a few ways this can go…

We can stay within our zone of comfort, with what feels just right for us, like a nice warm & cozy blanket. We can make decisions that are familiar to what we’re used to from this year past year in 2018, or even 2017, and get similar outcomes. Maybe the outcome we didn’t really want…

In alternative, we can create some great NEWNESS! I was having a conversation with someone who’s very close to my heart and personal life, and we were talking about New Year resolutions…

& THEN it just clicked. HOW MANY YEARS in a row do we talk about resolutions? What is the source of these resolutions, anyways? Well, they usually seem to be related to unaccomplished goals, or even potential problems that occurred through the year.

New Year’s resolutions are a perfect way to leap into the new year with motivation, drive, and a reason to start the year of JUST right. However, the problem with resolutions is that they typically (not always) seem to fizzle out after 4-8 weeks into the new year.

So, with that… I’d like to introduce my new solution, a long time resolution, which includes you! All year long I’ve remained connected to many of you in helping you reach your health goals by helping you place your nutritional product orders through various product lines. Seeing how many of you wanted to be able to manage your own accounts, I figured, HEY! Let me give them what they want 🙂

When I was on Maui during Hurricane Lane, I had some time to kill while in my girlfriends house when I was actually supposed to have flown home. So instead of sitting in idle time, the process began to starting this online shop for you 🙂

HealthyHumanz has OFFICIALLY expanded with its own online store, and joint affiliate sites where you can expand your health with the control of your own orders, your own accounts, with order tracking! I’ve merged all of my favorite and effective product lines, for your access 🙂

I’m thrilled to be able to share this extension with you, as it’s been in request and in high demand! Also, long overdue!

Since we’ve been connected for some great time, I want to extend a special NEW YEAR discount to the HealthyHumanz shop that will last you until mid January, the 15th! You’ll be able to purchase any products featured at the HealthyHumanz Shop for a total of 25% off all products! Use the discount code featured in the flyer below 🙂

Create your account here 🙂

Clean, pure, CBD oil

For those of you who are looking for an alternative remedy for acute to chronic conditions, I’m pleased to be able to now offer and share pure, organically grown, Non-GMO, CBD oil with all of you. A product that I not only take for myself, but also have my family, friends, and clients taking for the sake of their own health. As you know…QUALITY is everything!

You can review our product quality, details, and product line HERE!

I love how the company I have chosen to partner with is third party tested…MEANING…they provide all of the certification labs to prove their products are free of MOLD, fungus, heavy metals, yeast, and any other contaminant. They’re a company I can proudly stand behind as they offer nothing less than my quality standards. You can view these labs under their fully provided documentation. Also, they only contain TWO ingredients.

“Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The fact that CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammationpainanxietypsychosisseizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.”

Source| Project CBD

Scientific and clinical research—much of it sponsored by the US government—underscores CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including arthritisdiabetesalcoholismMSchronic painschizophreniaPTSDdepressionantibiotic-resistant infectionsepilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. Further evidence suggests that CBDis safe even at high doses.

Source| Project CBD

If you have questions, and want to jump on the phone, or on a screen share face to face regarding CBD education, anyhow it can help you, contact me here.

Essential Oils

For other products revolving around health…If you’ve ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.

These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils provide plants with protection against environmental threats and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

You can review the product line I’ve partnered with, HERE.

With all of these new wonderful products that have been merged together in a place for you and your health, as always, I’m here to assist in any way! I find each product now offered to you as a very integral piece to preventative, restorative, and long lasting health.

So now, with all of this being shared…

May your new year flow with grace, perseverance, gratitude, and joy!

I look forward to assisting you with all that I continue to learn, apply, and share in outstanding health!

With Great Love,


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How To Ignite Your Brain The Green Way


The first tea I fell in love with was green tea. Without knowing its incredible benefits, I was blown away with how it took away my bloating. I didn’t  know my bloating could “Go away.” I was 13 years old when I had my first green tea experience, and it is really what catapulted me into my love for tea, and my fascination with medicinal healing agents for the body. For years, it was all I drank, and actually inspired me to work for Teavana in 2007. It was my first job, and I was in LOVE with tea all day, every day! It was an educational experience in itself, and my coworkers were THE BEST!  Continue reading “How To Ignite Your Brain The Green Way”


Oil Free & Dining Out? | The Do’s & Don’ts

Photo Credit
One of the greatest challenges I face (and my clients) while living an oil free lifestyle is the social aspect of food. It’s a large part of social living here in the United States, and everywhere else, really.

Maintaining an oil free diet while dining out is not the easiest activity, especially if you don’t know how to do it, or what questions to ask! Continue reading “Oil Free & Dining Out? | The Do’s & Don’ts”

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The Healthiest Healing Lentil | Lentils That Heal From The Inside Out


My first experience with lentils wasn’t the most magically delicious. It actually convoluted my opinion about them. Continue reading “The Healthiest Healing Lentil | Lentils That Heal From The Inside Out”

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Stirring & Frying Without Oil | Flavorful Oil Free Stir Fry

IMG_0559I’d like to direct this post to my clients, as their dedication to their nutritional programs and lifestyle changes with food continue to inspire these oil free food creation recipes.

For newbie oil free lifestylers, it’s easy to reach the false conclusion that you aren’t able to eat anything on a diet that’s oil free. This is often the conflict my clients run into within their logical breakdown. I don’t blame them either! We’ve learned to prepare foods with mass amounts of oil, which I have learned is often unnecessary. However, what is required is the will and motivation to be open to a new way of preparing foods 🙂

Most recipes require oil, which poses the question of how to replace the oil when it seems so mandatory in a recipe? Continue reading “Stirring & Frying Without Oil | Flavorful Oil Free Stir Fry”

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Creamy & Dreamy Oil Free Pasta


Oil free life-styling can often be intimidating for the person who loves to eat pasta, or anything with grains, really.

In college, I loved pasta in the simplest form : garlic, olive oil, with salt & pepper. Now that I live oil free, I still love to enjoy pasta the same way, just without the oil. However, I also love to enjoy bland foods 🙂

For the sake of your pallet, lets make this a bit more enjoyable for you!

When it comes to choosing a grain for pasta, I love to use Farro by Rustichella d’Abruzzo. I trust their product because of their incredibly authentic farming practices and the quality of pasta they produce 🙂 Loaded with protein, fiber, and minerals!


For tomato sauce pasta lovers, there’s an available product that’s oil free! Love to advocate Engine 2 as a pasta sauce alternative if you don’t have time to make your own 🙂

Photo Credit


All organic ingredients
Serves 3-4 people
  • 1 Box of Farro
  • 1/2 head of broccoli
  • 1 cup Engine 2 pasta sauce
  • 1/2 cup Wallaby Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 Tsp ground oregano
  • 2 Tsp Nutritional Yeast Flakes
  • 1/2 Tsp Turmeric
  • 1/2 Tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 Tsp air dried sea salt
  • 1 small handful of baby heirloom tomatoes



Boil purified water in a stainless steal pot. When water is done boiling, add dried pasta and cook for about 15 minutes, or until soft.

Chop broccoli into florets and soak in purified water for at least 20 minutes to enhance their vitality 🙂

Photo Credit 

Drain pasta, leaving about a 1/4 inch of water in the pot. At this point, add your broccoli to the pot with hot pasta. Cover the pot with a lid to allow the steam from the pasta to lightly blanch broccoli. Let sit for 5- 10 minutes.

I prefer to blanch my veggies this way so they’re not exposed to high amounts of heat for long periods of time. It leaves them with plenty of texture 🙂

Once broccoli is lightly blanched with pasta, you may add the remaining ingredients.

IMG_0372 2

Mix softly and gently with a wooden spoon so pasta doesn’t fall apart.

IMG_0374 2

Serve with a side of greens and mix it all together for full flava 😉



Enjoy this fully loaded oil free pasta protein bowl!





 For more information regarding filtered water and the system I’ve been using for the past year for drinking, food prepping, and cooking,  find out more here!


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Get Ready To Parfait | The Clean Superfood Way

Image(3)When you first begin to recreate your lifestyle by making healthier choices, it can often seem as though you’re going to be missing out on the beautiful pleasures of life! All that encompass food, really.

I’ll definitely be one to tell you that in my childhood years of constant dieting, I often felt deprived. However, at the same time, dieting became my way of life that in reality I learned to love.

Today, my food creations seem to be greatly inspired by my childhood favorites 🙂

One of my all time unhealthy favorite foods was the McDonalds Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. The thought of it now is a bit disgusting just by knowing what’s in their food products.

SO, with reminiscing on this childhood fav…I’m excited to share this super simple remake with you!

Just in case you need to jaunt your memory…

Photo Credit

If you stay away from dairy products, then you can substitute with a clean source of dairy free yogurt.

Keep an eye out for those chemicals in dairy free products, please!

I love to advocate Wallaby Yogurt because of their wide variety of cultures use in their products 🙂

I refer to them in a previous post featuring the best fermented foods you can purchase in the grocery store.


1 cup Wallaby Whole Greek Yogurt

1/2 cup fresh strawberries

1/2 cup wild frozen blueberries

1 Tsp raw unheated honey

1 Tbsp bee pollen

1/2 cup of rolled oats


Let blueberries thaw out for 10 minutes before making your parfait bowl for the perfect texture

Cut tops off of strawberries and slice them, in quarters or in thin slices 🙂

Scoop yogurt and place on top of berries. Sprinkle oats and bee pollen over yogurt, followed by drizzles of honey 🙂

Image(1) - Copy


I love to enjoy this bowl after a great long lap swim! This beautifully nutritious bowl sustains my “fuel tank” all day!

Enjoy every bite of this perfect parfait!